LFI Supports Local Junior Leisure Awards

We are excited to sponsor our first local initiative. The Everybody Leisure Junior Awards are for children age 5-11 from all over Cheshire . These awards are focussing on recognising and rewarding not only the children that excel at a particular sport but also those that work really hard, try everything and want to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. That’s what makes them so special.  Teaching the next generation the importance of an attitude geared at keeping active, eating well and thinking about others with charity work as well is priceless and is something we should all be striving for.  We look forward to hearing about all the wonderful things the local children have been doing and helping to spread the word to inspire others. If you want to nominate anybody for one of these awards go to https://everybody.org.uk/about/everybody-junior-awards/

Lovis FIComment