Established in 2015, LFI offers a Expert Witness and Forensic Investigation service that provides clients with independent, impartial advice and a clear understanding of why failures and incidents have occurred. By applying over 17 years of expertise in materials science, metallurgy and mechanical engineering and considerable experience within the Expert Witness industry, we can investigate a wide range of incidents. LFI prides itself on providing clients with professional, bespoke and cost-effective investigations.


Principal Investigator

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Mr Michael Lovis

Forensic Materials Engineer – MEng (First Class, Hons)

Telephone: +44 (0) 7492 854835

Email: ml@lovis-fi.co.uk

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  • Forensic investigation and Expert Witness services

  • Materials science and engineering – polymers, rubbers

  • Composites, glass and ceramics

  • Metallurgy

  • Engineering failure analysis and product liability

  • Corrosion and chemical attack

  • Materials characterisation and testing

  • Escapes of water, oil and other fluids

  • Personal injury investigations


Michael is a Forensic Materials Engineer and Expert Witness who undertakes independent investigations into engineering incidents, acting for Insurers, Loss Adjusters, Solicitors, commercial and private clients.  He provides written and oral evidence to Court in both civil and criminal cases, including as a Single Joint Expert. 

By applying over 17 years of expertise and knowledge of materials science, metallurgy and engineering to investigations, Michael assists clients by determining and understanding the root cause of an incident and providing insight into the circumstances surrounding it.

Past investigations have required detailed scene inspections, laboratory examinations, light and electron microscopy, mechanical testing and materials characterisation.  As an Expert Witness, Michael routinely participates in joint inspections and examinations with Experts appointed on behalf of other parties.


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