LFI specialises in the independent and impartial investigation of personal injury and fatal accidents, including accidents that are or may become HSE or Local Authority Prosecution cases.

LFI applies its expertise in materials science and mechanical engineering to the investigation of a wide range of personal injury and fatal accidents, including:

  • Slips, trips and falls from height, e.g. from stairways, safety barriers, balconies, ladders and scaffolding
  • Crushing, trapping and amputation accidents involving industrial machinery, vehicles and equipment
  • Accidents involving domestic appliances, consumer products, sports equipment, seating, hand and power tools
  • Accidents resulting in burns and scalds, e.g. showers, hot water bottles, chemical burns

How do we investigate?

An investigation might require LFI to inspect the scene of the accident, which may be under the control of the HSE, Local Authority or Police.  Alternatively, an investigation is undertaken sometime after the accident has occurred, and would involve considering photographic evidence, reports and witness statements.

If relevant, LFI would apply its expertise in failure analysis to the detailed laboratory examination of failed components, equipment and structures to determine the cause(s) of failure.

LFI has particular expertise in reconstructing accidents and conducting bespoke testing to explore different accident scenarios, or to confirm the most probable cause of the accident. 

LFI undertakes slip resistance testing (Pendulum Test Value, PTV) of floor surfaces and stairways, and of footwear.

A short report, or more detailed formal report summarising the findings of the investigation is often provided, which can be compliant with the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) or Criminal Procedure Rules (CrimPR) if the matter is to be heard in Court.

Typical cause(s) of personal injury and fatal accident include:

  • Failures in the design, specification or installation of structures, machinery, tools, appliances and safety equipment
  • Failures in maintenance and thorough periodic examination
  • Inadequate risk assessment and preparation of safe systems of work
  • Improper use, either accidental or deliberate, of machinery, tools and equipment.


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