Whilst every case is unique, LFI would typically undertake one or more of the following activities during an investigation:

Consideration of information initially supplied by the client upon instruction, which might include witness evidence, incident and technical reports and/or Court documents.

Inspection of the scene of the incident and/or of physical evidence associated with the incident, ideally as soon as possible after the incident has occurred.  During the inspection evidence may be obtained from key witnesses.

Laboratory examinations and/or testing of retained physical evidence, often using an optical microscope to magnify and examine important features.  Further examination at higher magnification, or laboratory testing, may be recommended to the client.

Technical research and enquiries that might include interviewing witnesses, conducting technical enquiries of suppliers/manufacturers, or considering British, European or International Standards.

Providing advice and opinion on the circumstances and cause(s) of the incident, either verbally, by email, letter or in the form of a formal report (including CPR and CrimPR), depending on the requirements of the client. 



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