LFI act as independent and impartial expert witnesses in materials and mechanical engineering disputes for claimants and defendants, and as a single joint expert for civil litigation, criminal cases and arbitration.

LFI applies its expertise in metallurgy, materials science and mechanical engineering to the forensic investigation of incidents and accidents that are or may become the subject of litigation or prosecution.

LFI has been appointed as Expert Witnesses on behalf of claimants, defendants and as single joint expert, providing advice at mediations and evidence in both civil and criminal cases.

Each investigation is tailored to the requirements of the case, with LFI providing clear, concise advice, confidential advisory reports and disclosable CPR or CrimPR reports to private or commercial clients, insurance companies, loss adjusters, solicitors, and Counsel. 

An investigation may require one or more of the following:

  • Consideration of photographic evidence and witness statements

  • Site inspections or laboratory examinations, often on a joint basis with experts appointed by other parties

  • Consideration of British, European or International Standards, technical literature and

  • Consideration of other expert witness reports

  • Preparation of preliminary advice, or a CPR or CrimPR-compliant report

  • Attendance at a conference with Counsel, mediation or Court

LFI has established a reputation for technical excellence, objectivity and the provision of reliable technical advice to clients.



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