LFI undertakes expert analysis of plastic, polymer and rubber materials in order to identify the cause(s) of failure, damage or degradation.

Plastics, polymers and rubbers are groups of materials that are used widely for many types of components and structures, from plastic pipelines and storage tanks to rubber seals, gaskets and footwear. 

Using visual, stereoscopic and microscopic examinations combined with targeted laboratory testing, LFI identifies the mode of failure and the cause(s) of the issue, which may have occurred as a consequence of:

  • A materials or manufacturing-related defect, such as contamination, inclusions, voids or moulding defects.
  • Mechanical failure, e.g. excessive or unintended loading.
  • Oxidative, environmental or chemical attack and degradation
  • Improper design or materials selection

Some examples of the types of incidents we investigate are:

  1. The fracture of underground plastic pipework due to excessive water pressure
  2. The embrittlement and fracture of plastic closure caps used to contain a household chemical
  3. The distortion, melting and failure of a plastic water storage tank due to excessive temperature
  4. The fracture of a plastic-bodied water meter due to freezing damage
  5. The oxidation and embrittlement of a rubber-lined flexible braided hose that conveyed oil


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