LFI undertakes the forensic investigation of incidents involving the failure, damage or degradation of ceramic, metal and polymer matrix composite components and structures.

Composite materials, either with a ceramic, metal or polymer ‘matrix’, are used in diverse applications such as storage vessels (e.g. made from Glass Reinforced Plastic, GRP), aerospace components, sporting goods (e.g. carbon fibre bicycle frames and components) and automotive components.

LFI applies its expertise in the examination, testing and characterisation of composite materials in order to determine the cause(s) of damage, failure or degradation. 

Typical causes or factors in such incidents may include:

  • A materials or manufacturing-related defect, such as contamination, inclusions, voids or moulding defects
  • Mechanical failure, e.g. excessive or unintended loading
  • Oxidative, environmental or chemical attack and degradation
  • Improper design or materials selection

Some examples of the types of incidents we investigate are:

  1. The collapse of a Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) storage tank due to environmental embrittlement
  2. The fracture of a carbon fibre bicycle fork component
  3. The fatigue failure of an aluminium metal matrix composite (MMC) cylinder liner


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